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Browse our range of exclusive investment opportunities available to our members. We'll give you all the data needed to build your portfolio.


Invest safely online using a debit card, an online bank transfer or bitcoin payment. You can also reinvest any income and potentially benefit from compounding easily.


returns are paid quarterly, annually or at the end of the specified investment term depending on the investments in your portfolio.


Vote to sell your property crowdfunding position at the end of the term, or receive your ROI on the Redemption Date of secured equity investments.

Why Invest with Scale Crowd?


Anyone with a internet access can now invest in best real estate deals and earn returns from anywhere in the world through the world's best REC platform. Unlike the traditional real estate market which looked like a closed book, inaccessible to non-professionals. Due to high costs, admin issues, and geography-based constraints. The real estate investment market is now far easier to access thanks to "Scalecrowd" an easy to use real estate crowdfunding platforms.

Expert Management

Scalecrowd actively identify, acquire and improve real estate on your behalf. We follow a value investing strategy of buying investments for less than what we believe is their replacement cost, then improving the real estate through hands-on management and partnership with local operators. Our team draws on over 75 years and $7.5 billion of combined experience to pursue the best results for our investors for minima fees or charges.

Regulated and Secure Investing

Worried about investing online? Rest easy. ScaleCrowd's offerings are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Regulation A+ of the JOBs Act, which obligates us to follow strict reporting requirements. We’ve also partnered with leading technology and stock transfer agent services to make the investing process seamless, while ensuring the authenticity and protection of your personal information.

Tax Advantaged

ScaleCrowd is structured as a non-traded real estate investment trust or “REIT” for short. Non-traded REITs, like many companies, distribute earnings to investors in the form of dividends. Unlike many companies however, REITs are not taxed at the corporate level. That means we are structured to avoid the dreaded “double-taxation” of corporate tax AND personal income tax to better suit users needs.

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Explore Projects

Park Ave South cover

Park Ave South

32000 Square Feet

  • $8.8MTarget
  • $0Raised
Silicon Alley Office Building cover

Silicon Alley Office B...

130,000 square feet

  • $7MTarget
  • $910,000Raised
WoodSpring Suites Atlanta cover

WoodSpring Suites Atlanta

50,401 SF

  • $768K+Target
  • $110,000Raised
The BV Multifamily Fund cover

The BV Multifamily Fund

227 units

  • $20.5M+Target
  • $14,300,000Raised
KBS Growth & Income Real Estate Fund cover

KBS Growth & Incom...

224,122 Sq. Ft.

  • $1MTarget
  • $880,000Raised
Grand Pointe Apartments cover

Grand Pointe Apartments

266-unit, 312,106 SF on 14.3-acres.

  • $293M+Target
  • $193,350,000Raised
Historic Detroit Office Senior Bridge cover

Historic Detroit Offic...

639,126 Sq Ft

  • $2MTarget
  • $1,730,000Raised
Chicago Area Office and Data Center Loan cover

Chicago Area Office an...

209,557 SF multi-tenant office and data center

  • $3MTarget
  • $2,040,000Raised

Gateway Oaks

152,179 square-foo

  • $224K+Target
  • $224,000Raised

Old Town Multi home Re...

255,000 square foot, 254-unit

  • $40MTarget
  • $40,000,000Raised

Millecento Apt. 3503, ...

382 units across 42 floors

  • $550KTarget
  • $550,000Raised

Apt. 306, The Club at ...

44,000 Sq Ft , 79 furnished 1 beds

  • $58Target
  • $20,057.5Raised

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Recently, buying an investment property has become more popular for individual investors.
In an era marked by single-digit returns, investing in real estate has become a popular alternative for investors searching for both diversification and yield.

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The Capitalization Rate, better known as the “Cap Rate,” is arguably one of the most fundamental concepts in real estate investing, but often the most widely misunderstood.A cap rate measures a property’s natural rate of return

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Real estate has been the foundation and expression of wealth for centuries. In fact, most historians tie growth in ownership of land as the root and creator of most multi-generational wealth and investment until the last two centuries.

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